Breathing Apparatus Control

Due to their electronic recording devices, IEP Pölz's EUROBOX and Checkbox 5+1 breathing apparatus control systems provide safe monitoring of the amount of time operatives wearing self contained breathing apparatus are deployed. The EUROBOX models work with non-digital name tags (tallies) like used on B.A. entry boards; whereas, the digital version Checkbox 5+1 uses an RFID transponder that uniquely identifies the operative wearing breathing apparatus – a electronic SCBA status or accountability board.

Deployments with breathing apparatus should be made less risky: IEP Pölz Breathing Apparatus Control is suitable for deployments in tunnels, fires, radiation protection, with hazardous materials, diving, etc.


asVariable changes in the deployment time

Depending on the equipment and how it is configured, the system displays the deployment time that has expired and calculated SCBA air pressure. Audible and visual signals show the course of the deployment time. It is possible to monitor up to two teams at the same time (with EUROBOX) or up to six (with Checkbox 5+1).
EUROBOX and Checkbox 5+1 have been developed in close cooperation with leading fire brigaded in theGerman-speaking world.