Water backpack

For fighting forest fires, direct fire fighting and cleaning.

  • A unique filling system ensures that nothing can be spilled
  • Capacity of 20 litres
  • Hot-welded container made of highly resistant industrial grade material
  • Compact and easy to pack
  • Ergonomic comfortable shape
  • Reinforced back
  • Padded straps
  • Double-reinforced backpack base
  • Two snap hooks: one on the shoulder straps and one on the reverse
  • Large filling hole measuring 110 mm with a replaceable fine filter
  • Screw cap secured on the backpack
  • You can use a clip on the shoulder strap to fix the hand pump leaving both hands free for climbing or other activities
  • Lightning-fast release of the hose by means of a brass coupling with shut-off valve attached on the outside


Equipment for technical emergency rescues made by ResQtec

  • CRIBblocks: An absolute must for all rescue specialists and professional fire fighters
  • NT lifting bag range: The new standard for pneumatic lifting of heavy loads
  • Cutting and spreading equipment: The strongest, lightest and safest cutting equipment in its class
  • SUPERVAC SERIES positive pressure fans: Low temperatures, better visibility, less damage due to water and smoke

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